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Protect Your Outdoor Faucets From the Cold

As we move into the cooler weather, the leaves start to fall and the temps start to drop. Quite often, one thing that is overlooked is preparing the outdoor faucets for the winter.

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Tips on Buying a First-Rate Used Vehicle

Are you in the market for a quality yet inexpensive used vehicle? Maybe you’re looking for a second car or need a vehicle for a new driver in the family?

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Basement Remodel But…What Is That Smell?

When a home changes ownership from the multi-decade original owner to a new, young family with a small child, the time comes to rehab for another generation.

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Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Facts

Vent-free appliances are similar to other space-heating and hearth products, with one exception – they don’t have a vent. There is a large misconception when it comes to vent-free gas, but the truth is there are many valuable benefits to this type of heating.

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