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Cleaning Tips from Summer to Fall

By Luke Anastasio
DriGanic Carpet Cleaning
Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, September 2022

The summer is coming to a close for this year, and here are a few things to think about in order to protect your carpets, floors and furniture:

Folks with pools, especially those that are located within close proximity to the home, need to protect all of the flooring and other surfaces, not only from the chlorine that can get tracked in by your family, friends and pets, but also from the resulting dirt and grime. 

Even those with salt water pools need to be cautious of the water making it into the home. Either type can have adverse effects on tile, hardwoods, carpeting, grout and upholstery. Floor mats placed both inside and outside of the access door is your best and first line defense. It is much less expensive to replace those mats or throw rugs as needed rather than have to replace your entire rug/carpet, or other flooring. 

When an unexpected mishap does occur, hiring a well respected, professional service company to clean those surfaces can usually bring them back to their customary condition. Vacuuming your rugs and carpets and cleaning your other flooring on a regular basis, will also help to ensure that a small stain or issue doesn’t become something more substantial, which can turn into something expensive to fix. 

Now that the summer heat is lessening and giving homeowners a bit of a break, allowing them to let the fresh air in, it is vital to vacuum carpets at least a few times a week and furniture weekly. If you have high foot traffic or other conditions that require a higher level of attention, daily cleaning may be more in line for your situation. By keeping up with this flooring and surface “maintenance,” you will be able to keep the dust, polen and soil from gaining a hold on your surfaces. 

These tips will also help prevent micro-scratches in your carpet, which reflect light differently than a non damaged fiber, thus giving you that “dirty traffic lane” even when the surface is clean. Debris can also cause scratches in wood surfaces so be mindful to keep them clean as well. Always remember, annual and semi annual professional cleaning, especially for those active households, usually doubles the life of your carpets/rugs, flooring and upholstery.

About The Author

Carpet Cleaning
Luke Anastasio
DriGanic Carpet Cleaning

Luke Anastasio has been in the flooring business for 15 years and has owned and operated DriGanic Carpet Cleaning in Delaware County for 3 years. He personally takes each customer from the initial phone call all the way through expert cleaning of carpets, rugs, furniture and other hard surfaces. DriGanic’s cleaning process includes 8 steps (no up charges), and its drying times lead the industry. DriGanic is kid-friendly and pet-safe, and remember “Don’t Panic, Call DriGanic!”

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