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Is Downsizing Right for You?

By Sarah Forti
Forti Homes / Keller Williams Realty
Newtown Square Friends & Neighbors, September 2022

Have you been paying attention to the real estate market over the last year and thinking about making a change? Realtors are very accustomed these days to having conversations with homeowners about selling larger homes and buying something smaller. It can be extremely overwhelming to think about downsizing, but here are some thoughts about the benefits of choosing to make a move.


  1. Freedom of time
    Time is by far the most important asset we have in life. Have you ever thought about how much time you spend cleaning, both inside and out? Instead of spending precious moments taking care of all those projects around the home, this time could be spent enjoying your hobbies and relaxing with family and friends. Moving into a smaller place allows for new opportunities to do the things you love.
  1. Safety and physical health improvements
    Owning a larger home can cause more physical drain than you realize. Between mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, plowing snow, cleaning multiple bathrooms, etc.,  it all adds up to quite a bit of dangerous, physical labor on an ongoing basis. Additionally, a home with minimal or no steps can significantly decrease your fall risk. Hazards throughout the home are one of the leading causes of falls and hospitalizations.
  1. Reduce expenses
    Even if you don’t do any of the jobs mentioned above yourself, paying people to do them for you significantly adds to your expenses. Plus, the energy costs and property taxes will be less in a smaller home. The freedom of releasing these financial obligations can make a huge difference.
  1. Release the chains of your stuff
    The more space you have, the more likely you are to accumulate more stuff, much of which you probably don’t really need anymore. It can be very emotional to go through your stuff and donate or trash things, but it also gives you an opportunity to reassess what is truly important. It can actually be very freeing!

During these ongoing uncertain times, it’s scary to think about making a big change, looking toward “what’s next” instead of “what was.” However, your next move could be your next great adventure.

About The Author

Real Estate Sales
Sarah Forti
Forti Homes / Keller Williams Realty
Sarah Forti is Newtown Square’s real estate expert in residence! As leader of Forti Homes, and one of Keller Williams Realty’s most successful real estate professionals, Sarah is a full-time Realtor®, committed to serving the needs of home Buyers and Sellers. Sarah’s dedication, commitment, positive attitude and comprehensive understanding of the local real estate market has made her Newtown Square’s Resident Real Estate Expert. A lifelong resident of the Greater Philadelphia Area, specifically on the Main Line, Sarah’s area of expertise spans Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery and Chester Counties. Sellers and buyers of homes and commercial real estate working with Sarah for more than 13 years, do so with full confidence they are working with a Real Estate Expert on their side.
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